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I will never again fight the horror of being overweight with another supplement. Hoodia has truely been a godsend for me and my sister alike.

- Pam L.



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Are you ready to lose weight once and for all?


Scientific Research:

The ascent of Hoodia Gordonii into the eye of the pharmaceutical research community took place over a thirty year span after the first basic research was conducted on Hoodia Gordonii.
The South African National Laboratory was finally able to Isolate and identify the active compounds that create the hunger-suppressing effects in 1997. This compound was named "P57" It is in this year that they applied for a patent and licensed all research and development to a UK biotech company,

Soon after receiving the licensing, they announced they were going to start development on a new drug for obesity.

In mid-1997, they have initial success with Phytopharm's Dr Richard Dixey leading the Pre-clinical trial testing of the compound and related compounds for the drug development

1998, their P57 drug candidate for anti-obesity entered PHASE 1 clinical trials. The trial saw much success with some reports of a greater than 70% success rate among their trial participants having met effective goals.

On October 13th, they created a collaboration with Pfizer Inc. to develop and commercialize P57 as a prescription drug in the United States and Worldwide.


In 1999, Among ongoing clinical research, they opened a manufacturing center in South Africa to support the research and development of Hoodia Gordonii.

the year 2000 was met with a renewed and extended collaboration with Pfizer for commercial development of P57 as a prescription drug.

2001 begins with FDA approved "Proof of Principle" PHASE 1 clinical study on P57 for the treatment of obesity. The study successfully completes stage one in April '01 and successfully completes stage two in July '01. December brings the successful completion of the entire study.

March 2003 - Phase IIb clinical study finds P57 to have
"demonstrated anti-obesity activity".
Eighteen overweight but otherwise healthy males participated in study which provided solid statistical evidence that they reduced daily caloric intake and reduced body fat over the two week clinical trial period.

mode of action: study reveals Hoodia Gordonii extract to reduce
the desire to eat and thus contain anti-obesity properties.

This page will be continually updated with the latest clinical research information for Hoodia Gordonii and P57

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Quick Facts: Hoodia Gordonii

> Phytopharm Inc. has filed a patent on the active compound in Hoodia Gordonii

> The San people of South Africa will not be entitled to compensation if Hoodia turns into a prescription medication. Only when sold as a plant extract do they receive any revenue from the sales of Hoodia.

> A lawyer representing the San people has filed suit against Phytopharm in the United States.