Hoodia Gordonii Cactus

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I Couldn't believe the amazing weight loss I experienced after ordering my Hoodia pills... I had struggled with so many other treatments all claiming to be the wonder cure. I lost 13lbs in just 7 weeks with Hoodia. I would recommend it to anyone that has struggled with their weight as long as I have.

- Susan B



Hoodia Gordonii Diet pills


Supplementing With Hoodia Gordonii will:

Reduce hunger cravings and appetite

Significantly Increase the period between meals

Produce a feeling of being full more quickly

  • 100% All Natural
  • Completely SAFE & Stimulant FREE
  • Reduce hunger cravings
  • No "diet pill" side effects like jitteriness, queasy stomach
  • Helps you lose weight by Immediately curbing your appetite
  • Proven scientifically
  • Available NOW!

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It has shown to be an excellent alternative to prescription weight loss medication with:


With Hoodia, you no longer have to try every 'miracle diet' that comes along, and you can forget those embarrassing visits to the doctor for prescription drugs. Curb your appetite for good without the nasty jitters and health effects of high-strength weight suppression drugs.

Pure Hoodia Gordonii is a bitter cactus-like plant that grows in the heart of Southern africa. Native to the Kalahari desert region, Hoodia has been used for thousands of years by one of the world's oldest tribal people, The San Tribesmen, to help with the immense hunger felt during long hunting expeditions.

"...If you take this supplement regularly, your desire to eat vanishes, And we've seen this result affect people's appetite very, very dramatically"...

The first scientific investigation of this plant was conducted at South Africa's National Laboratory and it is here that the amazing qualities of this plant were recognized. Scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Southern Africa began studying it to put it to market. Having found no measurable Hoodia cactus side effects, the all natural Hoodia market was born. Currently. the South African Nature Conservation controls the production and cultivation of hoodia, and provides special licenses to farmers to be grown in sustainable quanitities. Western pharmaceutical companies are currently in the process of trying to isolate the active compound in hoodia for the development of a prescription drug, however the PURE, ALL NATURAL form is available to you today!

The Active compound in Hoodia, known by the technical term of "P-57", works in an area of your brain shown to modulate hunger. When Hoodia is introduced into this area, It tricks your brain into thinking it has already eaten and thus removes your appetite.

In a recent clinical trial with The Hoodia Cactus Plant cactus extract, the participants who were given the active Hoodia before each meal ate an average of ONE THOUSAND less calories per day than the control subjects.

With it's removal of the hunger impulse, Its no wonder Hoodia Gordonii has broken weight loss records from around the world. Begin your african hoodia cactus weight loss program today

Hoodia (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work:

In your brain, specifically within an area called the hypothalamus, Is an organization of tissue that controls many autonomic functions of your body, including your appetite. It has the capacity to turn on and off different hormones which regulate a person's feeling of hunger.

When a person eats in response to the hunger, the raise in glucose sugar in your bloodstream activates nerve cells in the brain that tell it that you have eaten.

The Hoodia Slim cactus plant contains a certain molecule that is 10,000 times as active as glucose in telling your brain you have eaten. Essentially, it tricks your brain into thinking you have eaten, when you really have just taken a few capsules of hoodia.

What are the known side effects of Hoodia?

The pure Hoodia Gordonii diet supplement does not have the negative side effects of the majority of diet supplements today. You will not feel the jitteriness of caffeine or ephedra based products. Your stomach will not feel queassy, nor should you experience a headache.
There are also no serious or harmful side effects connected with the use of a Hoodia diet regimen.
On a positive note, Hoodia is actually a natural mood booster.

How do I know it will work:

Many scientific studies exist on bodily effects of the Hoodia parviflora with regards to appetite, hunger, and weight loss.
There have been many clinical trials performed to determine if Hoodia works to relieve hunger as an appetite suppressant. Beginning with animals in the late 1960's, Hoodia has now been used in many human weight loss trials with incredible success. Visit the Scientific Research section of this website for more information. The Hoodia testimonials on this site and many others will prove that it works and works effectively!

Supplementing with Hoodia weight loss pills will:

hoodia gordonii cactus

Quick Facts: Hoodia Gordonii

> Classified as a eafless, spiky succulent

> Protected species in South Africa

> Family Name: Asclepiadaceae

> Genus: Trichocaulon

> Great appetite suppressant

Completely natural

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